Trousers/Jeans (Prices From)

Shorten ______________________ £12.00

Shorten With Same Finish ______  £15.00

Turn Ups _____________________ £15.00

Taper / Take In Legs ___________  £15.00

Take In/out Waist trousers______  £15.00

Take In & Let Out Waist Jeans ___ £20.00

Lengthen ____________________  £12.00

New Zip _____________________  £15.00

New Metal Zip ________________  £20.00

New Zip Jeans _______________   £20.00

New Pockets (1) ______________  £15.00

Each Repair __________________ £5.00

Re- Hem (x2) _________________ £10.00

Don't just keep buying new trousers just because your body shape or the latest fashion have changed, if you need any alterations done such as shortening, tapering, lengthening, re-hemming, taking in, letting out waist or replacing a zip then we can help you!


We are proud to introducing our express services on trousers/jeans alterations. For the express services we charge only £5 extra per items on top of the original prices, that you can have your garments back in the same DAY or Next Day guaranteed.